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Having chosen to leave your home and start a brand-new life in the Rhine Valley surely provides excitement and the beginning of a new adventure. This step most probably comes with challenges and many unknows. Regardless of your personal circumstances, you are key to the success of this move.


As our world goes global and more of us move abroad, the threat of depression only goes up. Certainly Expat spouses speak of unhappiness, feeling overwhelmed, lonely and struggling to find their place in a new world - no matter where you are in the world. It is very important that you start to plan your stay before you even arrive in order to overcome the challenges of your journey also know as "Expat Lifecycle". Make sure it does not turn in to a rollercoaster trip. There are many ways to tackle this. 


This is what I can offer you.

  • Relocation Support (click)
  • Rhine Valley online local guide (click)
  • Rhine Valley International Facebook Group (click)
  • Hotline: With over 13 years of experience as a relocation consultant, and a broad regional network, I can provide you with insider tips and personalised support to help you feel better equipped for a smooth landing in our region. I can support you with all matters relating to your accommodation, local administration, your postal mail (in German), education and childcare, integration, where to get advice and support for separation/ divorce and problems at school, professional advice (finding a job, CV, interviews), all kind of service offered in the region and much more. Please note, that I am not a tax consultant or a lawyer, but I can point you to the right professionals and help you to understand how things work
  • Coaching "You stand at a cross road?" (click)

    There are so many reasons for a new beginning or a change in direction. No matter what, it requires courage, a positive attitude and sometimes someone that guides you through the journey with a positiv, inspiring and solution focused approach! Well, every change starts with a first step!


Looking forward to hearing from you - Claudia Doron, Relocation Consultant & Coach

To receive support, please contact me.

Please contact your HR department to check if you are eligible for this service.

If that's not the case and you need individual support, do not hesitate to contact me or check if you can find the answer in our Rhine Valley Guide (click)

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