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Birthday Party

Celebrate your birthday-party in Grabs at "Setzchaschte (INFO) 
Maestrani Chocolarium, Flawil SG: Mould and decorate a bar of chocolate yourself, guided children's discovery tour, sweet surprise for the birthday child, Chocolate cake or Globi-Glacé, both with Globi Schampus

Sewing Workshop for children and teenagers

The sewing workshop of Masae is a place of creation for children and Teenagers.The goal is to "do it yourself" and to allow the children to blossom while designing and sewing.
The children will make their own choices and manipulate all the tools on their own.
During each workshop, Cecile Larini is only here to guide the children in their own creation.
What they will bring at home will be their own unique creation.

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Creative Kids




Scouts (Pfadiabteilung Alvier)


Scouting means unforgettable experiences, friendships and a lot of fun with kids and teens of the same age. Living in a community lies at the centre. Here children can run around, play, laugh, sing, cook and do handicrafts. At the same time, the kids learn to take on responsibility for themselves and others and to shape their own leisure time. 


The groups usually meet up on Saturday afternoons for two to four hours, sometimes even for an entire weekend or a multi-day camp. These activities take place without the parents and are accompanied by young adults. They are well-trained and are supervised by adults. 


For more information visit our Website >> or contact one of the following people, according to the age of your kids:


4-6 years - Johannes Lehmann,,

078 619 15 32

6-11 years - Sarina Hutter,,

079 935 98 87

11-16 years - Dominik Mohr,,

079 265 34 98 

Rope Park

Rope park in St Gallen (INFO)


Monster trottinette in Gamplüt, Wildhaus (INFO)


Monster trottinette in Kerenzerberg (INFO)

Toboggan run

Longest in Switzerland

Our toboggan run in Churwalden, in the Arosa-Lenzerheide ski resort, promises a fun ride in summer as well as in winter, along with a nice adrenaline rush.

Through 31 curves and with a height difference of 480 metres, the toboggan run twists and turns down into the valley.

At a length of exactly 3,060 metres, it’s the longest toboggan run in Switzerland. (INFO)


Minigolf in Buchs (INFO)
Minigolf in Vaduz (INFO)

Bad weather?!

There is now bad weather - there is only bad clothing

Indoor Activities

Chocolate factory Maestrani in Flawil is made all new and great for kids, adults and tourists (INFO)
Cheese Factory in Stein/AR  (INFO)
"Technorama" in Winterthur is an amazing experience for everyone  (INFO)

Indoor Playground