Day Activities



  • Sparta Bouldering, Buchs
  • Kletterhalle Sargans

Nordic Walking

Let nature be transformed into a fitness studio!

Nordic Walking in summer & winter with Petra Collins

Starting in the first week of September, 1:45pm @ ISR parking lot.

Nordic Walking offers all the benefits of walking but with the addition of an upper body workout.

  • burns 46% more calories compared with normal walking
  • uses 90% of all muscles
  • reduces tension in back and upper body

For further information and registration please contact Petra @ 079 651 2557 

Petra also offer guided hiking and snowshoe tours for groups. Tours will be posted!

After work Activities


Movies in English & French 

24 hours fitness

In Grabs over 400m2 training space. 365 days and open 24 hours (INFO)

Markets Fleas& more

Flea Market

At the lake Werdenberg - Schedule