Working and living across borders


Global economy and the impact of cross-border working relationships concern Expats and their families, HR, team-leaders and local teams. With this event we focus individually on the three main group concerned "spouses - international employees - HR and team-leaders"

Opportunities and challenges especially here in the Rhine Valley and across boarders  


26 August, 2019

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Part 1: For Spouses from 12:30 - 3:30pm

@ Setzchaschte in Grabs

"Trailing spouses - write your best chapter"

Register until 22 August - CHF 25.-



Partners of working expats find themselves dropped in a new country confronted with challenges on all angles. What has been your greatest challenge since moving here and how would you like this chapter in your life to be written.  

  • The challenge of a spouse “Lifecycle of an Expat Spouse - boxes are unpacked, partner at work, kids at school - now what?
  • „Don’t pause" - The moment has come to put your passion into action!
  • Elevator Pitch - Great examples from those spouses who offer a service or an activity (Limited space  -  Register yourself if you have an activity or services your like to present, for more details contact me please) 
    • An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech of 60 sec. that you can use to spark interest in what you offer. You can also use one to create interest in a project, idea, or product.It needs to be succinct, while conveying important information.Your name, where you are from, explain what you do, communicate your USP.)

Breakaway Topics (groups)

  • Careers / Job Finding
  • Start/grow your own business
  • Creating time and freedom with little kids
  • Community, connection, growth
  • Enjoy snacks & drinks and get inspired at the Marketplace while you are networking
  • Bring your business card and flyers with you!!

Unique offer – only on the 26 August! We will publish all your activities and services mentioned during the event on the new website




Part 2: Diversity & Inclusion - für Führungskräfte, Personalleiter & Co.

von 17Uhr - 19Uhr, @ Hotel Buchserhof in Buchs. Registrieren Sie sich bis 22. August, CHF 50.-



Viele Unternehmen im Alpenrheintal, sowohl grosse Konzerne als auch KMU’s, setzen auf

Diversity & Inclusion um erfolgreicher zu sein. Dabei ist es wichtig von Menschen unterschiedlicher Hintergründe, Mentalität und kultureller Diversifizierung in professioneller Zusammenarbeit zu profitieren. Was heisst das genau und wie können Sie diese Vielfalt mit entsprechenden Programmen unterstützen und interkulturelle Kompetenzen fördern? Wir thematisieren, sensibilisieren, tauschen uns aus und zeigen Lösungswege auf.      

  • Diversity & Inclusion und wie es funktionieren kann, damit Spannungen und Missverständnisse wegen den kulturellen Verschiedenheiten minimiert und die Firma von der Diversity im Team profitieren kann.
  • Im Gespräch mit verschiedenen Akteuren, um einen Einblick zum aktuellen Thema zu gewinnen.
  • Networking - Apéro 



Part 3: For Expats from 7:30pm - 9:30pm         @ gmg Buchhandlung, Buchs

Register until 22 August, CHF 25.-



The opportunities and challenges of living and working the Rhine Valley.

Having chosen to leave your home and start a brand-new life in the Rhine Valley surely provides excitement and the beginning of a new adventure. This step most probably comes with challenges and many unknows. Regardless of your personal circumstances, you are key to the success of this move.


It is your ability to adapt and blend that will set the tone for this new chapter. In this engaging, dynamic, and fun epm - presentation is given by Jake Doron who shares stories, personal experiences, hacks, and loads of insider tips that will help you feel better equipped for a smooth landing in our region, as well as shed some light on Switzerland’s unique history, culture, and business practices. 


Main points covered:

  • Addressing some of the answers people provided when registering for the talk
  • A tale of 3 Cantons – Switzerland’s beginning and history
  • Swiss inventions and interesting facts.
  • Demographics, geography
  • Switzerland’s federalism and pluralism
  • Role within Europe
  • Culture and values
  • Bureaucracy
  • Working culture & the 3 Golden Rules of Business
  • Communication styles
  • Swiss Etiquette “Tipps & Pitfall
  • The importance of networking and of course an Apéro with "Tasting"
  • Information: Activities and ways to integrate in the region

About Jake:

A passionate business & personal coach, public speaker, and career strategist, with over 25 years’ international experience in supporting people in their personal and professional development, and companies in their growth. Jake is a true global citizen and “Third Culture Adult.  (read article)




 Information: Claudia Doron, Tel. +41 79 511 49 24

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TVO - The Ostschweizer Television will be present in the first part of this International Event.