Claudia Doron - Ihr Coach, Beraterin    und Erfolgstrainerin


"A mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work unless it's open."

Frank Zappa

Der Adler symbolisiert Stärke, genaue Zielsetzung und fokussiertes Handeln. Ziel ist es, Kernkompetenzen exakt zu definieren und bewusst einzusetzen. So entsteht ein stimmiges Gesamtkonzept, damit berufliche und persönliche Zufriedenheit das Leben lebenswert macht.


E Empower yourself and the people working for           and with you.

A All the aspects in your life are important to               look at in order to achieve a flow and the                 success you are looking for.

G Give yourself and others the necessary tools           and support so that they can fulfil their tasks.

L Learn, get trained and/or coached to achieve           your personal and business goals.

E Enjoy the new experience by leaving your               comfort zone, go new ways and don't be                 afraid to fail. Failing and making mistakes make you strong and show new ways.


Eagles have an accurate vision, remain focused regarding of the obstacle in order to succeed. 

Set goals for what you want to achieve in your personal and professional life, so that your actions reflect your values.  

The "EAGLE Approach©" empowers people and teams who want to implement meaningful changes in their private and professional lives, in order to increase satisfaction. Each company and situation is different, and therefore varied ingredients are needed. This approach enables your HR team focus on their core competencies by relieving them from peripheral constrains. On an interim or project basis, and with a tailored consideration of your needs, I work together with your committed staff members and management. We analyse the key points, set goals, and develop solutions designed to be achieved as a team.


Employees are ambassadors of your company to the outside world, and often social media displays much of the company's atmosphere. Depending on the message, potential customers and top candidates might be attracted or deterred. It is therefore important to identify the daily challenges, tackle the issues, and work out new approaches together. The best solutions often lie within the team itself.


I would gladly support you and your team on an interim or project basis. My approach is unique, practical, and uncomplicated, and tailor-made solutions are my true strength! Just give me a call for a non-binding initial exchange of ideas.




The way Claudia Doron works

She works with different tools but mostly with pictures. They are liberating us from the rigid checklists of “how it should be”, and enables other points of view to trickle into our consciousness. At the completion

of the process, we’ve been exposed to and have internalized options that in our daily routine we wouldn’t have allowed to “pop up on our radar”, opening up to us more steps we can take, giving us that kick in the backside that moves us out of our stuck place.

After we’ve succeeded in broadening our viewpoint, the process begins of gathering-in that aims us toward choosing, from the new options that have arisen, the one most appropriate to us, and to plan the actions that we must carry out to progress toward the goal we’ve set for ourselves.