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Recruiting International Specialists "Relocation"

Consulting HR on "recruiting international specialists" - recruiting specialists from abroad is a costly process. To make it a success for everyone involved, I support and advise HR experts who wish to go down this path. We discuss and plan with the HR team, consider the important aspects of relocation, and what challenges will face the new employee. There are clear benefits to providing professional support to employees, so that they can focus on their new job from the very start, while their families are supported through these important initial stages of the relocation. We also discuss what the HR department can/should outsource, so that they can focus on the core processes of a relocation during recruitment. This not only alleviates their workload, but also ensures that that work does not interfere with their private lives. 

On-boarding process

On-boarding is a structured integration process for new employees. In collaboration with HR and management, you can develop an action plan/checklist that will accompany the new colleague professionally, socially, and culturally over an extended period of time.  This will ensure a seamless integration process, and help the individual to feel at home in their new environment.  

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace - the world is getting smaller and smaller, teams more and more mixed, which can have a very positive effect if there is an understanding and open working atmosphere within the company. Where everyone feels comfortable, and all employees are given equal opportunities - regardless of skin color, gender, sexual orientation or age. Recognizing diversity as an opportunity that can also be used to benefit an organization.  



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